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  1. I’ve been enjoying catering service from Dawat for almost past 10 years. Catering for both my daughters’ birthday parties, I always order from Dawat. Everytime in past I get quite good quality food & service. I had quite a bad experience yesterday. Yesterday my younger daughter’s 21st year birthday was held at Yishun, one Condo function hall. Food I ordered for 60 heads and no of my guests was 61. I ordered 3 non-veg & 3 Veg items. About 9 pm, half way through the dinner, stock of spoon & fork was very low and not sufficient for the rest. Luckily I had back-up, and kept all my stocks there. I called Dawat Ji, and he said he gave 80 or 85 spoon & fork, and he is further away from Yishun. I said “I really didn’t know how many you gave, but, currently low stock, – can you please help” ? But, I didn’t get any assurance. So, I asked my wife to search if there are more spoons at my flat. At about 9.40pm, Dawat ji came with quite some spoons & forks, and was very angry. He told me repeatedly why I didn’t believe that he gave sufficient spoon & fork. i said that I’m really sorry & I didn’t mean it, as I was quite stressed. I myself & my wife couldn’t any kofta from “malai Kofta’ dish and only curry was left. later I found out from my daughters that total ~15 guests didn’t get ‘Kofta’. I gave this feedback in Whatsapp today morning, and no single reponse from him. My feedback to Dawat ji, that in this service inductry, please listen to you customers first, this is very important, And, plese don’t show you anger to your loyal customers like me, who is there with you for such a long time. Thank you.

  2. I have been their regular customer for years now and enjoy every time. They have the best stuffed kulcha and palak paneer.

  3. Thank you so much for the visit and it’s our honour to serve you. Glad to hear that you like our food and we are looking forward to your next visit as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Daawat Tandoor is hands down the BEST north indian restaurant in singapore. I am SO GRATEFUL that it’s so close to my house. After returning from my india trip in January, this is the ONLY place that brings back the great memories of indian food. Thank you for being so exceptional and brilliant in your food and customer service and you DESERVE to be packed with customers from monday to sunday and plastered all over food reviews and news.

  5. Dear Daawat,
    Thank you so very much for catering our baby’s naming ceremony on Sunday. From the moment I called you I felt I was in very creative hands! I was right. Your expertise and imagination exceeded our expectations. The theme of โ€œspecial Masala teaโ€ was a perfect compliment to the gentleness and Joie de vivre of the occasion. The choice of samosas and pakoras was ideal. They were delicate and delicious. You put a lot of thought into the pastries, the buffets and the decorations. They were all delicious. I would highly recommend your services for any occasion. You went above and beyond to make sure we had the very best affair. It was truly a class event. I have heard from so many guests that they enjoyed trying everything! Bravo to the chefs!! From the gourmet salad to the tender chicken and almonds it was ALL so good. You made my daughter very happy with all the goodies and chocolate!! Thank you again, for making such a memorable event.

  6. I brought my good old friend & mentor to Daawat Tandoori today. I had a really good time with my mentor and I’m pretty sure he had fun too. What really made our reunion memorable was having lunch at Daawat Tandoori. The food was excellent and the ambience, the tv, the Chinese New Year decorations was all very good. We had a really good time thanks to the staff of this restaurant, were greeted warmly by all the staff(which I feel really important in the restaurant industry). Even my mentor was blown away by this restaurant. Overall experience was excellent and definitely has unique characteristics amongst all other restaurants in the town. Thank You Mr Shiv Kumar for giving us Daawat Tandoori!

  7. I have ordered from this company for over 5 years and even with the advent of new North Indian restaurants becoming widely available, Daawat Tandoori still makes the BEST Authentic North Indian food, hands down ๐Ÿ™‚ My gf is vegetarian, and we have tried other vegetarian restaurants.This one is by far her favorite too. The food are always prepared wonderfully. They smell, look, feel & taste fresh. Perfect every time!

  8. Hi Shiv,
    I want to congratulate you for wonderful service and food at Daawat.
    We have seen you from day 1 and its really fantastic that you have made sure that quality of food and service is getting better and its best.
    Thanks for making our party wonderful. Food, its quality and taste, catering arrangement was great and we were very happy to find it that way.
    All the best and continue your excellent service.
    Cheers, Amit

  9. I am a fan of Dawat,
    the food here is really best, the taste, the content, cleanliness, cooperative staff. all in all its a best place to eat indian food.

  10. the menu was impressive and much more can be said about the service!
    I have never come across such great service for a restaurant of this level!
    Will be great if photos could be added to the menu so this whips up the appetite even more and for customers who are not too familiar with the northern indian dishes know what they are ordering.
    Overall Food and Service was better than expected….Other indian restaurant chain have alot to lear from Daawat Tandori.

  11. I read the good reviews at HungryGoWhere and decided to give Daawat a try. Even though I have never eaten there before, I went ahead to order from the restaurant for a Christmas dinner that I was hosting at home.

    The guests loved it! Not only was I impressed with the food, I was equally impressed with the service. Daawat provided advice on the amount of food to order based on the number of guests I was expecting, and provided complimentary papadums and disposable cutlery. The food was delivered on the dot and the food was still warm when it arrived.

    Thank you!

  12. “Every guest who chooses Daawat leaves happily and is excited to come back again.” – Nothing could be closer to the truth (:

    Daawat is by far THE BEST North Indian restaurant I have ever been to. I always look forward to their amazing dishes prepared with such excellency.

    Mr Shiv Kumar is the role model for anyone in the hospitality line who wants to learn the art of being well mannered, professional & funny.

    Hope you guys can have a more central location in future (:
    Till then, see you at Upp Thompson!!

  13. Hello! I am a loyal fan of Daawat Tandoori. So glad it is near my house. I am currently studying at uni in Melbourne but when I come back, eating at your restaurant will certainly be a top priority! See you in 2 months time!

  14. Hi,

    We are group of friends who go to your restaurant very often. Its like our second home. we love the food, its authentic indian unlike others……….
    we will keep coming tooo…..our fav spot

  15. Mr Shiv Kumar, you have been my best client for my web design business. There’s so much to learn from you as a growing businessman. I wish you all the best.

    To your success,
    James ->

  16. I enjoy meals at your restaurant specially Kashmiri Naan, Sesame Naan, Garlic Naan, Chapati with Palak Paneer and Butter Chicken. On Tuesday, sometime I sepecally travel to Dawaat for Kari Pakora as it is available only on Tuesday.

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