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20 August, 2011
Set meals are pretty good and value for money at ~ $13. Comes with rice and a Naan. Ambience is pretty cosy and nice. The service staff are excellent. The only little draw back I had was beers come in big bottles only – which isn’t a bad thing if you like beers – great excuse to drink more….

12 August, 2011
A follow-up review from a year ago.. and the food is still as good, but the portions are smaller especially the rice.. (aww..pity..)
No GST, No service charge and awesome good food. I’m not a huge fan of Indian food in Singapore because I tend to compare it to the food served in India, but Daawat’s food is just lipsmacking! =)
We ordered the vegan set and the special set (tandoori & butter chix). Includes naan, drinks and dessert too.

07 April, 2011
Found this little gem on a HungryGoWhere list of the “best tandoori in Singapore”. The first time we went we didn’t actually try the tandoori chicken as we were tempted by the thalis so we could sample as many dishes as possible. Not only was every single spoonful of food on the thali delicious, it included a drink, dessert, and cost about $15. What a deal!

27 August, 2010
I was there this evening with my hubby and we ordered the Set Seafood Meal and also a Butter Chicken and a Garlic Naan.
The waiter even asked if we would like our food spicy or mild. After which, he came back with a basket of papadum and mint sauce which goes well while waiting for our main dish.

10 May, 2010
I decided to try Daawat Tandoori yesterday after reading rave reviews of them on HGW. Service was awesome, we were greeted when we entered and they even apologized for the noise as there was a birthday party going on.
I ordered the following:
Vegetable Briyani – A- : delicious but not fantastic, it was slightly spicy which made it extra enjoyable. if you don’t like spicy food, you can ask for the non-spicy version. Butter Chicken – A- : delicious, gravy thickness is just nice and very generous with gravy.Best Indian food in Singapore!

02 March, 2010
I cannot believe such fabulous Indian cuisine is so convenient to my house! Always had to go to Little India, or downtown, before, but now I can walk! They have absolutely the best naan I’ve ever eaten, in my 30+ years of searching out good, cheap Indian food. No fancy decor, but great service, a well-rounded menu, and many of the dishes are simply the best I’ve ever had. Could have a better beer selection, but when we said we won’t drink Tiger, the owner ran out to buy a different brand for us.

13 February, 2010
Nestled between Miss Clarity Cafe and Hooked, Daawat Tandoori boasts a humble shopfront that is easy to saunter pass without giving a second glance. However after a quick perusal of the menu, I immediately realised why this place is such a hit(at least on HGW) – the value. An affordable $6.90 non-vegetarian set meal for lunch in a restaurant setting? Steal or no steal?
07 January, 2010
Simply perfect!
The owner is a lovely man with impeccable manners. He smiles all the times, and from time to time he spends time describing how the food is cooked. He also showed me the raw ingredients!
Food is simply delicious. My favorite picks are Fish Tikka, Palak Paneer, Paneer Naan. After a few dinners, I decided to celebrate my birthday there. Everything was extremely good!

31 December, 2009
I decided to make my way here after reading all the positive reviews. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that I would have to defer on my opinion on this place.A simple cafe set-up, it was on my third entry that I was finally attended to, and the place had a strong smell of cleaning agent, which gave me a headache after I set down for awhile.

25 December, 2009
Had been there today for lunch after reading excellent review of the place on HGW…and the visit was worth it…we had set tandoori lunch …the butter chicken was excellent one of the best i had so far in Singapore….not too oily or greasy…..perfect texture and being an Indian i can vouch for the same….another mention is of the chicken tikka and the sheekh kebab…..very soft meat …just melts in the mouth ……..proportions of the curry were just enough not too much nor too less.

04 December, 2009

Whoever is behind the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) service campaign should use Daawat Tandoori as a case study. Their level of service and personal attention put the majority of restaurants including many fine dining establishments to shame. AND WITHOUT adding an often insulting mandatory 10% service charge to the bill! Shiv Kumar and his team should be awarded a medal.
05 December 2009
Irvinder Singh I am regular visitor to Daawat Tandoori and I try almost every dish in restaurant and also hosted many of my Chinese friends here. I am a tour operator in India and work with lots of tour operators here in Singapore. All these agents have been to India many time and they had Indian meals many time. Everyone invited enjoy meals here.
I wish this restaurant is supported by its visitors to keep the tradition of good Indian meals in Singapore.

03 November, 2009
If you’re on the north side of Singapore and don’t feel like trekking down to Little India for a good Indian meal, give Daawat Tandoori a try. I’m definitely in agreement with the majority of the other reviews. The food is good and comes at a fair price.
I had their special set lunch which at 13.50 is one of the more expensive sets but it’s well worth it. The special set lunch comes with tandoori chicken, mutton vindaloo, daal, raita, vegetable curry, biryana rice, your choice of naan, choice of beverage.

05 October, 2009
I searched HGW for good foods along Upper Thomson Rd and this place turned up 2nd in terms of overall ranking. After reading the reviews left by other patrons on their excellent food and service, I had to go – and so I did.
Following the suggestions of previous reviewers, we ordered the butter chicken and tandoori chicken set meals. (Set comprises of meat item, daal, briyani rice, choice of naan, mixed vegetables, some yoghurt thing, choice of tea/coffee and choice of desserts for the day.)

24 September, 2009
Was looking for some good indian food in the northern part of Singapore after residing in the East for a while, and came across this Daawat Tandoori and the excellent reviews here on Hungrygowhere. So we decided to take the baby, and the rest of the family there for dinner.
Thanks (or no thanks?) to the high ratings provided by previous patrons, we had high expectations of the food at this restaurant. And to sum it up, we weren’t disappointed.

11 August, 2009
We decided to try the Special Set Meal S$13.50 & Tomato Soup, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Garlic Naan & Butter Naan on Saturday at 14.10 & the place was rather quiet with 2-3 tables filled.
The place is nice, Tomto Soup was rich in flavor,we were happy that it was not too salty nor creamy. Special Set Meal (Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Vindaloo, Veg. Jelfrezi & Daal) was excellent but Raita was sour, Coffee & Gulab Jamun was good. Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer , Garlic & Butter Naan was excellent.

07 August, 2009
Really great tasting northern indian cuisine. My wife and I have been to so many north indian restaurants in spore…..this is without a doubt the best !!! The naan is really thin and tasty…all the spices for all the dishes we have tried are just right, adding rich flavour to every mouthful.
The service is as close to excellent as possible…the manager even brought out a toy for my infant son while we ate…..

29 July, 2009
To add to the already long list of rave reviews, I just want to add that we enjoyed our evening at the restaurant. The service staff were attentive and the food came out piping hot. We had a chicken curry dish (can’t remember the exact concoction), and what was remarkable was how tender the meat was. Compared to places like Muthus where the dish felt like it was just put into the microwave to be heated up, the chicken tasted like it was just freshly cooked.

27 July, 2009
Was craving for indian food and after reading the reviews we decided to give this place a try. Wooo…. the food and service is indeed excellent!!
We ordered 2 set meals (tandoori chicken and special set) and a plate of kuri potato. We were very hungry as it was about 8+ when we went. But when all the food was served, we could hardly finished it all. The portions were not too big but there was quite a variety of food. We prefer the garlic naan over the butter naan. It is very tasty.

10 July, 2009
After having read some very good reviews for Dawat on this website, my friend and I decided to try this place out yesterday, after 12 strenuous games of squash that left us rather famished ! By the time we found our way to the restaurant, it was pretty late and we decided to go for the set meals. My friend ordered a special set meal ($13.50) and I ordered a Tandoori set meal ($14.50), both of which were brought to us in next to no time, by waiters who were soft spoken, courteous and very prompt.

09 July, 2009
What was formally herbs and spices is now Daawat Tandoori and I finally decided to give it a try after my mom kept raving about it. Note: her friend goes to the place 3x a week without fail!
We ordered 2 set meals – they’re 4 sets that you can choose from. We had the Tandoori and Special Set Meal [$14.50 and $13.50 respectively]. Its basically a 1 person meal.
18 June, 2009
3 of us had lunch there and we took the set meals. We reckon the set meal will be very filling so 3 of us(2 guys, 1 lady) decided to order 2 different sets and share. True to our expectation, we struggle to finish the set meals.
The special set meal: Daal, Raita, Mutton vindaloo, Tandoori drumstick, Veg. Jelfrazi, Salad, Briyani rice, Naan(choice of plain, garlic+butter), desert(choose from the menu), tea/coffee/coke/masala tea. This set meal cost $13.50.

02 June, 2009
if u go there once believe me..u ll go again and again…..excellent food, excellent service with a beautiful location…plus if u are a indian music fan too….that’s it this is the best place for u….in my opinion get all ur friends anytime of the day …daawat tandoori is the place…

01 June, 2009
I remembered this place from Singapore Expo as having some pretty good North Indian food. They did not disappoint. Service was efficient and courteous and they were concerned with how we liked the food.
The naan was excellently done. Crispy on one side, but fluffy with generous toppings for the garlic and butter naans. The crispness also lasted through most of the dinner.
31 May, 2009
This place gives me the very homely feeling. Feels like a typical Indian home. service excellent.
I must say food served here is simple fare.
Soup was excellent,Tandoori Chicken was Very Good,Mutton Rogan Josh & Veg. Jelfrazi was also very good. G.Naan,Butter Naan was excellent.
Indian music was good …….. can’t complain for the amount paid.